Pineapple Express CBD Hemp Flower

Known for its sweet and citrusy flavors, Pineapple Express delivers a burst of energy. You’ll find that the smell is similar to that of popular fruits like mango or apple, but has a taste resembling more citrus-based fruit. The energy boost lasts quite a while, too, and can keep you alert throughout the day.




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CBD hemp flower

CBD Hemp Flower refers to the flower on the female hemp plant. When the hemp flower reaches full bloom, the bud (as the flower is often called) secretes certain cannabinoids and resin to attract the pollen from the males and produce seeds. When it comes to CBD production, seedless flower is the best option.

However, not all hemp flowers contain the same levels of CBD. The exact percentage depends on the strain of each plant. Usually, high CBD hemp flower is derived from specially bred plants that have been carefully propagated to produce bigger buds and carry on a high CBD – low THC profile for compliance reasons.


Compliance and legality

According to US legislation, hemp is defined as “cannabis that contains less than 0.3% THC.” The 2018 Farm Bill clearly states that hemp and CBD are officially removed from the Schedule I controlled substances list and are now standard agricultural commodities. Hence, the cultivation of high CBD hemp plants is legal throughout the United states.

Thanks to the passage of the national 2018 Farm Bill, CBD hemp flower is now legal for cultivation, transport, sale or purchase, possession and use in all 50 of the United States. Marijuana, by contrast, is still illegal federally and only legal for medical and/or recreational use in certain states. The Farm Bill extends the legalization of CBD hemp flower for five years, at which point the issue will need to be raised again to maintain its legality.


How is CBD hemp flower different from marijuana buds

Hemp that has been specifically bred for high CBD production might have a similar look and feel with standard marijuana plants. However, the key difference is the THC content, which, as stated above, is below the legal limit of 0.3% in hemp plants. The two plant species also have striking visual differences, with hemp being taller and skinnier than marijuana, with less dense buds.

CBD products can be used to help promote a sense of calm, as well as support focus and the management of normal day-to-day stresses.

Anti-Anxiety, Anti-Depressant, Antioxidant, Neuroprotective.

Compounds found in CBD feature neuroprotection and vasodilation properties which future assist in the conservation and treatment of glaucoma.

CBD works by improving bone density and reducing the occurrence of bone diseases. It strengths the collagen "bridge" that forms at the site of the break which then hardens with the new bone.

A recent study showed that 80% of chronic pain patients feel cannabinoids relieved their pain better than opioids, as well as decreased side effects and improved their quality of life.

Studies have not only demonstrated CBD's pain-killing properties, but also its ability to reduce spasms and improve motor function in SCI patients.



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